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Creating unique and personalized events!
Ask about our ELECTRIC strings! 

We are the next big thing! We provide exceptional service and a night for your guests to NEVER forget! You've seen all those boring old string ensembles...take a look at what we are bringing to the plate! We have hot, fresh, fun and exciting new music concepts for you and your guests. Still we can provide an elegant classical event if you'd like or we can spice it up with something you'd never think a string ensemble could play! 

We will work with you well your event date to understand your preferences and plan just the right playlist for your celebration. If at anytime you'd like a specific piece performed, and we do not have the music, one of our talented musicians will arrange the piece for you for a minimal fee. 

We can perform classical to pop and everything in between!  With our extensive knowledge and very reasonable pricing, we will make your next event a success! Contact us today for your free quote! 

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