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  • 100's of modern and exclusive arrangements

  • Classically trained rockers

  • Specializing in electric strings & improvisation

  • Available for weddings, corporate events, recording sessions, live concerts etc.


Gemini Strings is a collective of string players that have the ability to take their classical skills and apply them to a variety of different styles like pop, rock, hip-hop, jazz, country and more. We don't just take the notes of a popular song and play them classically, we play our instruments with soul and style! We provide exceptional service and a night for your guests to never forget. All of our musicians have studied their instruments professionally throughout their lives at some of the best music schools in the world and work as full time professional musicians in Los Angeles.


Along with the classical base training we all have, Gemini Strings musicians have expanded their skill sets to become masters of improvisation and popular genres. Our musicians tour and work for some of the industry's top artists and events which you can read more about on our About Us page. Watch some of our videos to see how we stand out from other ensembles! We have hot, fresh, fun and exciting new music concepts for you and your guests. Still we can provide an elegant classical event if you'd like or we can spice it up with something you'd never think a string ensemble could play! 

We will work with you well your event date to understand your preferences and plan just the right playlist for your celebration. If at anytime you'd like a specific piece performed and we do not have the music, one of our talented musicians will arrange the piece for you for a minimal fee. There is no song we can not playWith our extensive repertoire, uniqueness, and versatility, you will not regret choosing to work with Gemini Strings!

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